Professional Organizer Services

Services provided by Les Clutter Services include:

  • Professional Organizing¬†– We remove stuff that is no longer wanted or needed to give you freedom and save you money
  • Home Staging – We offer competitively-priced package for realtors and home owners to help get homes ready for sale
  • Senior Relocation – We help you or a loved one with the move, downsizing or transition
  • Personal Assistant – We run your errands, pay your bills, and help manage your life and household

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The Top 5 Reasons why you need a Professional Organizer to help be clutter free and organized


  • Paramedics and rescue personnel have difficulty maneuvering stretchers in cluttered rooms and hallways – which can result in them losing precious minutes during an emergency situation.
  • Each year, countless senior citizens are taken to hospitals after tripping over possessions blocking their hallways or floors. Elderly people with osteoporosis, who can easily break multiple bones during a fall, are particularly at risk of injury.
  • Stacks of newspapers and other unused objects are known fire hazards.

Save Money

  • No more late fees on overdue bills you have misplaced.
  • You no longer buy the same item 2 or 3 times because you know where you put the original one.
  • No more paying for outside storage. The average cost of storage on the North Shore is $2,400 per year. Statistics show that most people rent storage space for about five years then end up throwing out the very things they stored. Saving this $12,000 sure would pay for a great vacation!
  • De-cluttering before moving will reduce your moving fees.
  • A decluttered/organized/staged home generally sells faster and for 6.3% more than a comparable home.

Less Stress

  • A cluttered room can cause anxiety, which in turn leads to stress. In contrast, a clutter-free room leads to feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Studies show children are more prone to “acting out” in cluttered rooms.
  • Show your children how to get rid of kids clutter and you win twice: first, you get an organized kids room; secondly, your kids are organized later in life.

Saves Time

  • When there is a place for everything and everything is in its place you don’t waste time looking for things.
  • Less clutter means less time spent cleaning.

Better Health

  • Clutter attracts dust mites. Less clutter means less dust mites.
  • A de-cluttered medicine cabinet means no more expired drugs.
  • De-cluttered pantries eliminate expired food.