Home Organization

Home Organization

Picture this: Your home is de-cluttered, organized and clean. You can find everything you are looking for. You are the envy of your friends and family. Les Clutter Services not only makes this happen but in addition, we can teach you and your children to stay this way in a fun and easy way. Now that’s living! No longer a slave to your things. Freedom at last!

Complimentary, No Obligation Consultation

This one half hour complimentary consultation will give us a chance to meet and discuss the process involved before hiring Les Clutter Services to organize and de-clutter your problem spaces.

Hands-On Organizing

To organize your space the following is a brief outline of some of the steps that will be taken as we empty one room at a time:

Separate each item into the following bins labeled:

  • Belongs to another room
  • Donations for charity
  • Garage sale/estate sale
  • Consignment Store
  • Garbage
  • Return to the room

With the room de-cluttered, we will re-examine the layout of the furnishings, install closet organizers and or extra shelves if necessary and clean the floor and cupboards. Put away all of the items in their proper location according to usage and practicality with a focus on the aesthetics of the room. After that process, a list of Les Clutter Services tips to stay organized and clutter free is reviewed.