Senior Relocation Services

Senior Relocation Specialists

Is it time to downsize? Or just move to a new location? Moving can be a stressful affair, so let a Les Clutter consultant help make the transition smooth and easy! Homeowners can spend the day doing something they love, while our team takes care of all the details. And when the homeowner returns to their new residence, they (and their pets) will find everything unpacked, put away, and ready for the next chapter in their lives.

Our relocation services include:

  • Meeting with the homeowner to discuss a plan for packing, moving and unpacking/arranging all possessions in the new residence
  • Working with the client to determine what possessions will be transferred to the new residence, and what can be sold, given to charity, recycled, etc.
  • Supervising packers and movers, labelling boxes with contents and room designations
  • Arranging cleaning services
  • Arranging disconnection and reconnection of utilities
  • Setting up Change of Address notifications with Canada Post
  • Unpacking, setting up and organizing everything in the new residence, including electronics
  • Removal of empty boxes

Call to meet with a Les Clutter consultant and discuss how to make your client’s move an easy one.