Home Staging

Home Staging

A properly staged home will speak to potential buyers and help it sell more quickly. At Les Clutter, we offer a competitively-priced package for realtors and home owners, offering two different options which can be utilized separately or together to help get homes ready for sale.

Option #1: Home Staging Report

A unique offering in the Vancouver market, Les Clutter Services will provide a written report filled with recommendations for decluttering and staging the property. This report will be prepared by a Les Clutter specialist who will visit the home, take photos, and summarize their suggestions for the realtor. The realtor can then present it to the homeowner, who can then decide whether to implement the changes (either on their own or with help from Les Clutter) or to decline. Either way, knowing that the recommendations came from a third party, and not the realtor, can help preserve your relationship with your client.

Option #2: Full Organization and Decluttering

A Les Clutter specialist will work directly with both realtor  and the homeowner to get their property ready for sale. This service includes:

  • A meeting with both realtor and homeowner to discuss the proposed look for each room, what materials should stay and what should be taken off site
  • Packing up personal items (photos, important papers, etc.) so that they can be taken off site, lowering the chances of sensitive materials getting into the wrong hands
  • Rearranging of remaining furniture and belongings to create a show home that is as open and spacious as possible

Session Time: 4 hours

If more work is required than what can be done in the four-hour time slot, the Les Clutter specialist can be hired for additional time (at an hourly rate), or the homeowner can continue the work using the notes that the Les Clutter specialist prepared.

For more details, please call Leslie Wilshire at Les Clutter.