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Les Clutter Services is a North Vancouver Professional Organizer — providing Home Organization, Office Organization, Decluttering, Relocation, and Personal Assistant services to homes and businesses within the Metro Vancouver region.

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A Message About COVID-19 and Working with Les Clutter Services

During the Covid 19 virus all Les Clutter Services Organizers will wear both face shields and masks as well as gloves. We will also provide nonmedical masks for our clients.

As Doctor Bonnie Henry say’s “be kind, be calm, be safe”


Professional Organizer Services

Services provided by Les Clutter Services include:

  • Professional Organizing – We remove stuff that is no longer wanted or needed to give you freedom and save you money
  • Home Staging – We offer competitively-priced package for realtors and home owners to help get homes ready for sale
  • Senior Relocation – We help you or a loved one with the move, downsizing or transition
  • Personal Assistant – We run your errands, pay your bills, and help manage your life and household

For more details, continue to read through our site or contact us today.

The Top 5 Reasons why you need a Professional Organizer to help be clutter free and organized


  • Paramedics and rescue personnel have difficulty maneuvering stretchers in cluttered rooms and hallways – which can result in them losing precious minutes during an emergency situation.
  • Each year, countless senior citizens are taken to hospitals after tripping over possessions blocking their hallways or floors. Elderly people with osteoporosis, who can easily break multiple bones during a fall, are particularly at risk of injury.
  • Stacks of newspapers and other unused objects are known fire hazards.

Save Money

  • No more late fees on overdue bills you have misplaced.
  • You no longer buy the same item 2 or 3 times because you know where you put the original one.
  • No more paying for outside storage. The average cost of storage on the North Shore is $2,400 per year. Statistics show that most people rent storage space for about five years then end up throwing out the very things they stored. Saving this $12,000 sure would pay for a great vacation!
  • De-cluttering before moving will reduce your moving fees.
  • A decluttered/organized/staged home generally sells faster and for 6.3% more than a comparable home.

Less Stress

  • A cluttered room can cause anxiety, which in turn leads to stress. In contrast, a clutter-free room leads to feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Studies show children are more prone to “acting out” in cluttered rooms.
  • Show your children how to get rid of kids clutter and you win twice: first, you get an organized kids room; secondly, your kids are organized later in life.

Saves Time

  • When there is a place for everything and everything is in its place you don’t waste time looking for things.
  • Less clutter means less time spent cleaning.

Better Health

  • Clutter attracts dust mites. Less clutter means less dust mites.
  • A de-cluttered medicine cabinet means no more expired drugs.
  • De-cluttered pantries eliminate expired food.



Les Clutter is the company that was there for me like none other when I needed them.  I was unexpectedly left to prepare a family member’s townhouse for sale in North Vancouver when I lived in Alberta!  I found Leslie of LesClutter a very professional, pleasant personality that was a joy to deal with.

As soon as I hired this company,  Leslie stepped in and took charge of clearing out a dramatically cluttered 2-story townhouse and arranged for all the necessary trades, even changing out all the appliances.  She managed to turn this townhouse that made me gasp at first sight into a beautiful property that sold within 3 days!

Heather H.

“I have used “lesclutterservices” for a two-stage process: a) to declutter my house for staging and selling, and b) to further declutter and pack for a complicated move- with part of my household  to be moved across Canada and a second part to the USA. When we started, I was overwhelmed and did not know where to begin. The services provided by lesclutter were fantastic – they came in, calmed me down and developed a “plan of attack”. They sorted, decluttered with me, and then packed my possessions.  Both stages of the process were carried out in a professional, calm and friendly manner – and all my stress and anxiety were removed. It was a real pleasure to work with lesclutter –  they truly are miracle workers. They made what seemed like an overwhelming task possible!!”

Joel F.

“Working with Leslie was such a pleasure.  My father had passed away and he lived in BC and I am in Alberta.  She was able to clean out his apartment and she it cleaned within a week.  She went above and beyond what I expected.  Her attitude was great.  She is so kind, caring and compassionate.  I would recommend her to anyone in need of her services.  She’s very upfront and honest.  She’s a great person all around and does more than a wonderful job.”

Barb V.

“You have changed my family’s lives. I actually have time to relax! The labels on the bins in the kids room for them to sort their dirty clothes in white or colours not only taught them organizing but saves me time! We all follow your 2 two rules to stay de-cluttered and eight months later I can say we still are de-cluttered and we plan to stay. Thank you for changing our lives for the better.”

Tara. F

“I complained for years that I didn’t have time to exercise and then I hired a Les Clutter Services Personal Assistant to do my meal planning, grocery shopping and errands. That frees up 4 hours a week that I use to exercise. I have now lost 44 lbs and feel great! Best thing I have ever done for myself. Thanks Les Clutter. You are a life saver!”

Ti E.

Mom and Dad lived in our family home for 53 years and needed to move to their new two bedroom condo. My brother and I were frantic trying to think how we could find the time it would take to help them go through 53 years of life, pack and move them. We have our careers and children to deal with and it became a stressful and daunting job until we were introduced to Les Clutter Services Senior Relocation Specialists. They were like Angels! They downsized and moved Mom and Dad and their kitty Pumpkin with sensitivity and professionalism that we have never seen before. I will definitely hire them to move my family next time and I recommend any one to hire them.

Mary W.

About Us

About Us – Les Clutter Services (Vancouver, BC)

Les Clutter Services is a North Vancouver-based professional organization firm that focuses on de-cluttering and organizing your environment. We create clean, welcoming and relaxing homes and offices and consult with you on how to stay uncluttered and organized. We offer our clients a variety of solutions for the disposal of unwanted possessions, including selecting items to go to consignment and second-hand stores, organizing garage sales, and arranging charity pick-up and rubbish removal.

Les Clutter Services Philosophy

We firmly believe our services give our clients peace of mind and that each organized and clutter-free environment we create generates feelings of wellbeing and contentment.

Les Clutter Services Mission Statement

Les Clutter Services is committed to a win-win-win philosophy with respect for our customers, employees and suppliers. Customers are treated with the highest level of service and confidentiality, and our employees are recognized as an integral part of our growth and our success.

Les Clutter Services Systems

Les Clutter Services has a uniform set of systems with a procedures checklist in place for all of our employees and contract personnel. These systems ensure that Les Clutter employees have pride and confidence in our company, and that our customers receive exceptional service and exactly what they were promised.


For more information call Les Clutter Services or contact us by email:
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Les Clutter Services
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