Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Division

Imagine this: Your house cleaners are cleaning your home and your personal assistant is doing your grocery shopping, recycling and errand running while you are at the gym, spa and or spending time with your family and friends. Do you get frustrated waiting in line-ups wishing you had more time to do what you really want to do? What is your time worth?

These important but time-consuming chores can be easily carried out by a Les Clutter Personal Assistant during non-rush hour times, so we can accomplish it much faster and without making unwanted impulse purchases.

Our TIME-SAVING services include:

  • Household Management: Bill payment system
  • Home Office Management: Personalized Organized filing system
  • Meal Planning: Special attention to nutrition and allergies
  • Grocery Shopping: Special attention to best value buys
  • Personal and Gift Shopping
  • Party and Event Planning
  • General Errands: Dry-cleaning, Recycling, Prescriptions etc.

*Two-hour minimum

Additional Product Available: The L.C.S Takeout Menu Organizer No more expired and worn out takeout menus in the junk drawer.