About Us

About Us – Les Clutter Services (Vancouver, BC)

Les Clutter Services is a North Vancouver-based professional organization firm that focuses on de-cluttering and organizing your environment. We create clean, welcoming and relaxing homes and offices and consult with you on how to stay uncluttered and organized. We offer our clients a variety of solutions for the disposal of unwanted possessions, including selecting items to go to consignment and second-hand stores, organizing garage sales, and arranging charity pick-up and rubbish removal.

Les Clutter Services Philosophy

We firmly believe our services give our clients peace of mind and that each organized and clutter-free environment we create generates feelings of wellbeing and contentment.

Les Clutter Services Mission Statement

Les Clutter Services is committed to a win-win-win philosophy with respect for our customers, employees and suppliers. Customers are treated with the highest level of service and confidentiality, and our employees are recognized as an integral part of our growth and our success.

Les Clutter Services Systems

Les Clutter Services has a uniform set of systems with a procedures checklist in place for all of our employees and contract personnel. These systems ensure that Les Clutter employees have pride and confidence in our company, and that our customers receive exceptional service and exactly what they were promised.