“You have changed my family’s lives. I actually have time to relax! The labels on the bins in the kids room for them to sort their dirty clothes in white or colours not only taught them organizing but saves me time! We all follow your 2 two rules to stay de-cluttered and eight months later I can say we still are de-cluttered and we plan to stay. Thank you for changing our lives for the better.”

Tara. F

“I complained for years that I didn’t have time to exercise and then I hired a Les Clutter Services Personal Assistant to do my meal planning, grocery shopping and errands. That frees up 4 hours a week that I use to exercise. I have now lost 44 lbs and feel great! Best thing I have ever done for myself. Thanks Les Clutter. You are a life saver!”

Ti E.

Mom and Dad lived in our family home for 53 years and needed to move to their new two bedroom condo. My brother and I were frantic trying to think how we could find the time it would take to help them go through 53 years of life, pack and move them. We have our careers and children to deal with and it became a stressful and daunting job until we were introduced to Les Clutter Services Senior Relocation Specialists. They were like Angels! They downsized and moved Mom and Dad and their kitty Pumpkin with sensitivity and professionalism that we have never seen before. I will definitely hire them to move my family next time and I recommend any one to hire them.

Mary W.