Office Organization

Office Organization

Interactive Business Card Organizer Tutorials

How do you organize your business cards?

  • Loose in a drawer?
  • In a pile with an elastic band?
  • In a business card binder with the most used cards in the front?
  • In a business card binder in no particular order?
  • In a box file in alphabetical order but sometimes under the company name and sometimes under the person’s last name or first name?
  • A combination of some of the above?

Does it take more than 10 seconds to find the card you are looking for?

How would you file ABC Company? This is a plumbing business and the Sales Representatives name is David Ford. Do you file it under “A” for ABC Company? Or “P” for Plumber? Or “D” for David or” F” for Ford? Do you always file under the company name or the person’s last name? Come join us to find out how easy it can be, because we have an easy inexpensive solution that will free up this frustrating time you spend searching for your contacts.

The Les Clutter Services Business Card Organizer System guarantees that once you have your personalized filing system in place you will locate any business card within 10 seconds or your money back! Once we have created your customized business card holder with your personalized index, you may purchase a user-friendly data base software program organized in the same way for easy access to all your contacts. If you prefer we can teach you how to use Outlook to create the categories to match your personalized index.

Call for your appointment and get organized now!

Maximum 4 people per class per instructor

The focus of our tutorials is to help you organize your business cards in a specific way so that you can locate your important contacts within 10 seconds.

We deliver our tutorials to 2-8 people at a time in order to provide personalized hands-on instruction. In addition, you will receive a business card holder and a personalized laminated index to help guide you to the correct section to easily find that important contact information.